We are the Exclusive Distributor for all Hawle Treppenlifte Stairlift Products in the USA and CANADA.

Stairlifts With Saftey In Mind

Both the HW10 Indoor model stairlift and the HW11 outdoor model stairlift come equipped with many safety features, some of which include seatbelts, sensors on the footrest and on the back panels of the unit (which cause it to stop immediately should anything make contact with them), as well as an over speed governor switch which acts as an emergency brake. These custom curved stairlifts have been rated the safest stairlifts in Europe for the past several years and are now finally available for North America.

  • Our stairlift can be installed in older and newer model homes.
  • We have stairlifts for indoor and outdoor living areas.
  • Our stairlifts offer space-saving parking even in exceedingly narrow spaces.
  • Our stairlifts are mounted to the steeps instead of the wall.
  • Our stairlifts are reliable, economical and powerful.
  • We offer a large variety of colors for our stairlift and have many choices for the uphostery (leather, fabric, and vinyl).